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Our goal is to empower the world through the education of indoor growing and by providing communities with local-sourced, fresh, and tasty greens.

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The best microgreens in the game!!! Excellent crunch with loads of flavor. They go well as a garnish or in your juice/smoothie for a morning Kickstart.

Elios P.

North Brunswick, NJ


I love my Zeraleaf microgreen grow Kit! It was so easy to use and it help build my confidence in wanting to garden! This allowed me to have a fresh option on a daily basis which I didn’t have before.

Scarlet P.

Trenton, NJ


High quality microgreens that you could tell were tended with love and care from start to finish. We have been selling these nutritious salads at our facility and they sell out every week. Thank you Zeraleaf for standing behind such a strong product!

Micheal V.

Princeton, NJ


Thanks so much for the basil! It was delicious in my husband's spaghetti sauce. The aroma of the basil was a wonderful enhancement to our outdoor dining experience.

Lucy R.

Levittown, PA


The overall quality of the [grow kit] experience was phenomenal! The instructions were straightforward and very helpful and I really feel like I’m doing the best for my health.

Gloria B.

Titusville, NJ


I look forward to every fresh new batch and enjoy the flavors, textures, and smells. I believe once you try them you will never want to go back to store bought greens.

Melba S

Trenton, NJ


Never heard of micro-greens or it’s benefits until i came across ZeraLeaf. Now they’re my favorite add ons to my sandwiches, soups, and salads.

Idris P.

Newark, NJ

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